Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting my blog! - English

Hi, everyone. My name is Yuichi. I'm Japanese living in Japan, and am graduate student. I like to learn foreign languages. Especially, I think I became a little fluent in speaking English or Korean. I'm studying all by myself, so I have a problem that I have few chances to improve my pronounciation, writing, or speeking skill. That's why I decided to make this blog which can upload my articles and speeches. I wish that I can last this challenge forever..

I think I can't update so often, but please don't forget to check my blog.
Thank you^^.


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  2. Hi. My name is 윤성웅 and I'm Korean. I came to here through It's amazing that you speak three languages really well. Since I've just started learning Japanese, I think your post will be really helpful for me. Brilliant!

  3. >> nakai57
    Hi 성웅! Thank you for comming to my blog.^^
    I feel happy to hear that you started studying Japanese. And it's a great honor if my blog helps your Japanese study. 화이팅!