Monday, June 22, 2009

Self introduction - English

Hi, I'm Yuichi. Last time I just said that I am a graduate student, so this time I want to introduce myself in more detail.

At graduate school, I belong to a laboratory which research on human voice like speech recognition or speech synthesis. My research is to establish a method to change an unintelligible English speech into an intelligible one. It'll takes a long time to explain my research in detail, but what I can say from this is that I like to study foreign languages so much that I deal it even in my research!

I like to travel abroad. I've been to Amarica, Korea, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, and Dubai. With regard to Amarica, I'd lived there when I was small. My parents say that I had been to Canada too, but I don't remember well since I was small then..

I'm not so good at sports, but I like to play winter sports. Especially, I started to play snowboard and I like it since I entered university. I couldn't play it last year because I was very busy for job-hunting, so I must do it this year!!


intelligible (<-> unintelligible)


 간단히 알 수 있다, 이해하기 쉽다


with regard to A


 A에 대해서는


  1. I think your blog is really good for your improving writing skills of foreign languages. I'm so impressed with your effort Yuichi.
    and I'd like to say thanks to Hyunwoo who's my web-log friend in Korea. I am a Korean living in Kyung-gi province. :)

  2. I specially like your "Words and Expressions" section. :) You seem like a graduate studying Electronics, aren't you? Since I'm an undergraduate studying Computer Engineering, the words like laboratory or synthesis are really familiar to me. :)

  3. >> ultra
    Thanx for your comment!
    Ah, Kyung-gi province is a place which surrounds Seoul city, right? I've been to Suwon once.

    >> nakai57
    The section contains words or expressions that I din't know before I write the article, or I felt was a little difficult.
    I think you and I can talk deeply about our major. ^^