Friday, July 3, 2009

Topic #4 Part-time Job - English

 I work part-time at glasses shop. My main job is to advise some glasses that suits our customer, but also I can do an eye test. I like this job very much, because I like glasses and other staffs depend on me when foreigners come.

 The most popular part-time job for university student is tutor. Tutor is very attractive for its high reward. Sometimes you can also have some juice and sweets. I did this before, and I got 3000 yen per hour with some juice and cakes! But tutor is difficult to start since it is a hard work to find a student.

 For others, working at convenience stores or cafe is also popular. When it is a season for exam, examiner is very popular too. Only you have to do is sitting at a front of the room, and you can get more than 1000 yen per hour! But the problem is that it is very boring because there are nothing to do.

 What kind of part-time job have you experienced?


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