Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Topic #5 Metropolitan Assembly Member Election - English

assembly member election will be held in July 12th. Recently, you can find many posters, and there are many
candidates shouting their name from their car and waving hands to promote themselves. Also you can find some candidates
making an address if you go out to a big city like Shinjuku.

  Recently, there is a problem that a pool of the youth is getting very light. Moreover, declining birth rate is making the problem worse, and it is said that the opinions from the youth is getting harder to reflect politics. One of the biggist reason is the indifference of the youth toward politics. Though we should avoid not being interested in politics, I think Japanese politics itself has a problem too. Japanese prime minister and other ministers are often changed, and they are inconsistent in what they said or what they do. Don't you think it is hard to be interested in politics under this circumstance?

  Are you taking part in political activities like election?


  • metropolitan


     대도시인, 주도인

  • assembly



  • candidate



  • poll


     (a와 함께로) 투표수, (the와 함께로) 투표 결과

  • indifference


     무관심, 열의가 없음

  • inconsistent (<-> consistent)


     일관되지 않는, 이치가 맞지 않는

  • 【Expressions】

  • make an address


     연설을 하다

  • declining birth rate


     출생률 감소

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