Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Topic #7 - What I have been doing - English

  Hi everyone, long time no see. I'm Yuichi. I have been so busy that I couldn't upload my blog!

  From August 10th till 17th, I had been in Korea for Student Exchange Program for Japanese and Korean university student. I have been taking part in this program since I entered university, and this was my last participation. I enjoyed this program for my best so that I won’t regret later.

  After that, I was immersed in research activity to prepare presentation. There was a camp of my laboratory from August 30th till September 1st, and I had a presentation there. Though I couldn’t present a good result, “I did my best.”

  This is my last summer vacation of my student life. For the rest of this September, I’m going to forget my research activity, and have a pleasant time!


  • regret



  • 【Expressions】

  • be immersed in A


     A에 몰두하다

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